When we first launched LifeSupport, we thought we should have a mascot--a first for the pro-life movement!

duckfinallg.pngThat may seem odd to some given the serious nature of the abortion issue and what's at stake...

I've always been a believer in beginning with the end. Focusing on WHY you do what you do, and what the desired outcome is you hope to see. Life is beautiful. It is worth protecting...especially for the most vulnerable of us. That includes the unborn baby...but it also includes the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. She's vulnerable too and deserves to be respected, loved, and supported. Most of the time, when a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy feels she truly has a choice...she chooses life for her baby. 

And babies bring joy to the world. And that brings us back to our mascot. A symbol of the joy of children in this world. A reminder of the joy that comes to a new mom as she realizes how close she came to making a choice that suddenly is unthinkable to her. Babies represent hope. A future. And they are certainly one of the most fun things this life has to offer.

To celebrate that, a rubber duck seemed the perfect mascot for LifeSupport. But there's another reason... 

Rubber ducks are helpless. Most rubber ducks aren’t even designed to float upright.  The very thing you might expect a rubber duck to do at a minimum, it is quite incapable of. I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve found it to be generally true. So rubber ducks not only can’t help others—they can’t even help themselves. In fact, left to itself, a rubber duck will drown itself. It’s just the way it is.

So why would LifeSupport choose a rubber duck as its “mascot”?!

Well, it’s a daily, constant reminder of how dependent we are on God to sustain us, let alone to work through us. Though He gifts us, the reality is apart from Him, we are incapable of accomplishing anything of significant, lasting, eternal value. Nothing. Nada.

But here’s the hook: When God chooses a vessel to carry out His work, it can accomplish anything. The pathetic, helpless rubber duck becomes like the Navy. We move from weakness to strength. But not ours…it’s never ours.

As we simply submit to our great God, He chooses to bless us by allowing us to use the gifts He gave us, to accomplish His purposes—which He alone can accomplish. He uses us, and usually requires us (though He need not) to till the soil, plant…but He alone is the one who produces the fruit.

We are so thankful for God’s clear calling to us to serve Him by helping your center thrive. We know why we’re here, and that we are a vessel He can use (in our gifting, weakness and dependence) to bring glory to His great name!