• We're passionate about helping you thrive. The need for what you do is so great, and we are committed to helping you have the funding you need to make it all happen —so you can have maximum impact. There are two ways to increase the money you have for ministry: You can either reduce expenses or increase funding. God has entrusted you and your board to work together in stewardship and wisdom to accomplish the full potential of your ministry. And that’s where we come in…
  • At LifeSupport, we’re committed to helping you be good stewards of your ministry’s resources and opportunities by saving you money and offering affordable strategic communication and development support.

        To that end, here's our promise to you:



  • On-Time DELIVERY GUARANTEE. It’s important to us that you have your materials when you need them. When your order is placed, we’ll ask for your need-by date and confirm that we can accommodate that schedule before you commit to any order. In the rare case that your promised delivery date is at risk because we dropped the ball, we will confirm your needed delivery date, and if expedited shipping is required for you to receive your order when needed, we will ship your order with expedited shipping at our cost. You’ve got better things to think about than whether you order will arrive on time.
  • QUALITY Promise. As a printer, we have an eye for quality. It is important to us. But if you are ever not satisfied with our quality, just let us know and we’ll make it right by you. Because what you do matters, we are committed to offering real value in all that we do.
  • No UNNECESSARY Rush Charges. Most companies charge a rush fee for rush jobs. We have a different philosophy. We believe we are on the same team...and as teammates, we recognize there are just times when extra effort is needed to accomplish things together. These aren’t moments to profit from, but to serve more. There may be specific costs that we incur that we would pass on to you like shipping, etc, but we will never impose an “inconvenience fee” to help you in a time of need. When these occur, we’ll do everything we can to help and get you what you need when you need it.
  • The X-FACTOR. Experience. Because we have been helping PRCs communicate effectively for more than 15 years, we bring more than just printing to the table. It’s the extras that you get because of our experience, knowledge and familiarity with this movement that often make the biggest difference. We call it the X-Factor.
  • Customer SERVICE Promise. With every order we ship, you should receive a customer satisfaction survey for you to give us feedback. This holds us accountable and let’s us know where we’re succeeding, and where we need improvement to serve you better. Our bottom line is this. If you are ever not satisfied with our service or products, let us know and we will make it right by you.