Our Why


Why We Do What We Do...

As a former board member of our local pregnancy center, I saw it first-hand. Compassion. Truth. Love. It was a living metaphor of the gospel itself. It changed everything for me.

I simply couldn’t ignore it and do nothing any longer. There was too much at stake...and I couldn't help but think that the way our center cared for women in the midst of their life crisis was just how Jesus would respond.  It is near to the heart of God.

It occurred to me that one of the best investments I could make with my life was to help other centers thrive by providing resources and additional funding to do what they do so well. Supporting them is worthy of our time and treasure. 

Because of what's at stake for a woman and her baby, we simply must do everything we can to come alongside them both through education and empowerment at their moment of need. But there’s another thing that makes this work so special…

The pregnancy care movement is one of the most powerful forces for the gospel in our time. Genuinely loving and serving women at this unique moment in their life in very practical and tangible ways, allows her to experience the power of Love.  Centers provide something that all of us desire at our own moment of need…the knowledge that we are not alone in it. That there is someone willing to come alongside us and help us navigate through it successfully.

Compassion. Speaking the truth in love. Providing support of all kinds.  All these things create the opportunity to share (for those interested) the message of the gospel in a relevant way. That’s what Love does.

For many, it is a pivot point in their life that transforms them forever.


How we uniquely support the pro-life community...

We believe God has called use to leverage our printing and design infrastructure in a unique way to advance the work of the pro-life movement...especially through the work of local pregnancy centers.

When we launched LifeSupport the only way I could see it working was the way they taught me in business school. But then I began wondering if there was another way…

What would it look like if we were willing to lay aside profits for something greater? What if we used our infrastructure and core competencies without the need to make a profit?

What if we could underwrite the necessary overhead and invest profits back to support pro-life ministry? Turn it on its head.

It changed everything.  Suddenly we saw how we could support ministry in a new, unshackled way. What a way to invest our lives in advancing God’s work!

Here’s our 20/20 VISION:

    • Provide printing, resources, and services at reduced costs to help pro-life ministry thrive.
    • Underwrite our services through funding provided by The Pro-Life Printer and the Pro-Life Store—with 50% of the profits going directly back to pro-life work.
    • Give seed money and funding to Pro-life ministries through LifeSupport Cares.
    • Unite like-minded pro-life supporters to exponentially fund pro-life ministry.
    • Give 50% of LifeSupport’s profits directly back to pro-life work.
    • Create new ventures that will help underwrite the infrastructure needed to serve.



Join with us and let’s see what we can accomplish together.

History will record our inevitable victory…so be a part of the story of thousands and thousands of everyday, ordinary people who did something extraordinary together. Future generations will look at this time in our history and wonder why so many stood by and did nothing…but not everyone. We came together and stood strong.

Our mission is dependent on others coming alongside us to support pregnancy centers and those active in pro-life ministry. We need your support especially now as we ramp up this new model.

Here’s how we can come together to make the greatest impact…


If you are with a pregnancy center or pro-life organization, we’re here to serve you…

  • Help you improve your connection with donors,
  • Save you money on printing,
  • Provide funding so you have more money for ministry,
  • Offer creative solutions to help you thrive!


The last thing a pregnancy center should have to be concerned about is having enough money to do all that God has called them to do. Here are four ways you can help us support pro-life ministry:

  • Join our Friends for Life community of supporters.
  • Print through the Pro-life Printer or buy from our pro-life shop and we’ll donate 50% of the profits directly to pro-life ministry.
  • BOGO Business cards. Buy a set of 250+ business cards at The Pro-Life Printer--our printing division--and we'll donate a set of 250 business cards for staff at local pregnancy centers.
  • Pre-buy printing for your local pregnancy center to help take this item off of their books. If you do, we’ll add an additional 10% to their account! Just purchase a gift certificate on their behalf.

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